Welcome! I am a hetero-romantic asexual and I am a graduate student of library and information science. Thus I plan for this blog to identify any issues from both subjects and the line wherever they may cross. This blog is neither intended to contain an extensive explanation of the current definition of asexual, nor will I be arguing its existence or any other such details. Simply put, an asexual person lacks sexual attraction. There are, however, other forms of attraction, such as aesthetic and romantic, and all asexuals may not feel comfortable in a relationship. Everyone has their own specific needs. For me, sex is just not important. For more information on asexuality, I recommend exploring AVEN, the Asexual Visibility and Education Network.

I would also like to develop a sort of collection of asexual references and perhaps even include reviews of academic articles. As of now, I have only 23 “articles” on my Kindle that relate to asexuality, not all of them academic, but I would still enjoy discussing what I find. I hope to find more articles soon, and although I may not be able to link the readers to all of them for free, I can still include the link nonetheless. I plan to continue this research throughout my blog. My hope is that academic research into asexuality increases drastically in the near future.

As of now, I’ll try to connect with other asexual blogs and LGBT-friendly sites.


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