Bogaert’s Understanding Asexuality to be Released Soon

I took a little bit of a break to enjoy James M. Cain’s Double Indemnity (which I could not put down) and I have returned to the big news that Anthony F. Bogaert’s book, Understanding Asexuality, may be released August 16! Those of us in the asexual community who are interested in visibility and research are very excited about this publication. Right now there is a preview available on Google Books, as posted by Lord Happy Toast on AVEN. I am looking into the Kindle edition, which will be a little cheaper, but I haven’t made up my mind just yet. At the moment, however, I am looking at the preview on Google Books, and I must say that, right off the bat, Bogaert indicates his interest and devotion to the study of human sexuality, that it is an important subject to him and not just a pornographic act. It does seem like a worthy read, and I will be sure to post my impressions of the preview as soon as I can.


2 responses to “Bogaert’s Understanding Asexuality to be Released Soon

  1. My partner bought a copy of it for the Kindle, and he will probably post his impressions of it too (he’s lunasspecto on Tumblr). He said he would lend it to me when he was done, so I can examine it as well, eventually.

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