Latest Visibility Links from AVEN

Just a brief update to share an article from The Guardian and another from Mail Online. I tend to agree with The Guardian article; I don’t think the number of asexuals are increasing because of the media. I think we’re just finding it easier to come out. This leads me to a recent argument that asexuals don’t need visibility or representation, that we haven’t been victims of hate crimes like those already included the LGBT category. We may still suffer name-calling and labels like “broken,” further, we find ourselves simply defending the validity of our orientation. And we know our own attraction better than anyone else. I don’t mean, of course, that any one struggle for human equality is more arduous than another, but what is most important to me in asexuality visibility is bringing awareness to the youth — they need to understand that not wanting to have sex is OK. But, I digress…

I also located a video from FoxNews, which validate that the visual media find reporting on asexuality to be terribly boring. Sex sells and this group is much more interested in cracking jokes than clearing up myths.


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