Proposed Idea for AVEN Website Re-design

Designed by the Asexual Librarian.

When I was compiling my blogroll here, I was able to take in how different asexual websites provide different media or a unique perspective. On this blog, the links are cataloged for the mere convenience of the reader, but I have also collected them for the purpose of research.

Part of library and information science is to not only know how to access information but also how understand its organization. Thus I am proposing a new design for the AVEN website.

AVEN currently states on its front page that it is in part “a large archive of resources on asexuality.” Therefore, why not make it a more centralized location for all of the ace material currently available on the Web? By that, I mean containing access to blogs, media, academic research, psychological studies, discussions, news, visibility, activism, wiki changes, forum posts, pride information, etc., many of which I found on various online sources.

It’s valuable to have the diversity and intellectual freedom that the internet provides us with, however, AVEN was intended to collect much of this and has not kept up with updating it. While that is a daunting task, it is a necessity for newcomers in the community, as well as for the professionals we are trying to establish a report with. AVEN has so many members, many of whom create new forum threads to try to find said asexuality information that has not been properly cataloged. I am proposing a home page design which can be set up by media or subject type.

First of all, this is merely a mockup, an example. I did not experiment with the fonts or any design beyond that of the basic placement of items around the page. It’s simply an idea, and nothing else. (So please do not focus on the lack of detail; it’s not the important part.)

I tried to organize information into a logic setup, including links on the home page that are not currently accessible from there. I expanded this menu on the left side of the page to show how I might organize (and add) various sub-pages of AVEN. I added a few more ideas even though I realize much of the text on AVEN has not been edited in a long while.

As for the home page content, under each heading, I used some filler text and inserted some examples of appropriate links that are already out there, such as including the latest post from The Asexual Sexologist under Research. These are just simple examples off the top of my head.

On the overall design level, I thought the asexual flag would help reinforce the importance of the asexual community via symbolism. I wanted to find something more updated and interactive, for asexuals and non-asexuals alike. And this is merely an example, so mind you, all the text is filler. We are able to place any news or information here that would benefit the community. There is much more we could do.


4 responses to “Proposed Idea for AVEN Website Re-design

  1. Ooh, this is a really cool design! Personally, I think the amount of info might be a bit intimidating to a first time visitor, and having it all there makes it a little cluttered. But I wonder if maybe something like a simpler main page that links to a resource page something like this could work? Or maybe just increasing the size of the sidebar….but overall this is actually a really neat idea!

    I do think that the main page could definitely use a redesign at some point, and I like the clean colors here. It actually kind of reminds me of the aesthetics of some of the previous incarnations of aven, with the purple and white color scheme.

  2. I get that purple-and-grey is the ‘ace’ colour scheme, but I’ve always found it a little bit drab, if I’m going to be honest. It’s quite dull and depressing – I’d love to see a more colourful, welcoming AVEN front page.

    It often seems like the AVEN homepage is a little neglected compared to the forums – there’s usually some time-sensitive content on there (blog posts, articles, AVENues) that’s months and months out of date. A couple of times I’ve clicked a blog post from the homepage, gone to it, found it interesting, gone to comment, and then realised it’s six months old and the author is likely long gone. If AVEN doesn’t have the resources to keep this stuff up to date, perhaps less ‘current’ content and more timeless content would be a way forward?

    It doesn’t feel like a welcoming website when you visit it for the first time – the colours make it feel like an American self-help book, or something. I don’t know who chose those colours, but it makes it feel like asexuality isn’t something to be excited about, isn’t a vibrant community. I much prefer the LGBT ‘rainbow,’ but that’s obviously taken, so about about some sunny blues and yellows?

    Why does asexuality have purple, grey and black anyway? Who chose it? Is it just that way because AVEN’s always been those colours?

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