Back from a librarian vacation of sorts…

I apologize for the long gap in posts here, I have been busy working full-time (finally!) and studying for my master’s program in library science, and I did realize from the get-go that I wasn’t the best blogger… Surely we have some new ace webpages out there now, from the time Bogaert’s book was published (August) to Christmas. Speaking of which, I hope everyone’s holiday(s) have been just wonderful! I have yet another four-day weekend before me for New Year’s so I will be catching up on some reading and will hopefully have some reviews for you very soon.

AVEN Homepage

By now you have most certainly seen the updated design for AVEN (which may look a bit like my idea: “Proposed Idea for AVEN Website Re-design”?) that definitely brings the site together much better than before. I have found a couple broken links, such as the “Learn More” button when accessed from the Forums homepage, and the link to Comments (“Updated 28 Dec · 0 comments”) from a user’s profile page. Nevertheless, I think the design is well on its way to utilizing AVEN to its fullest extent. Feel free to respond here about the AVEN upgrade.

Another topic I wanted to address is Most sites in the asexual community are personal sites such as blogs or Tumblrs. Whether you consider yourself a member of the asexual community, how would rate the news on Where do you get your asexual news, if you seek it out at all? AVEN forum thread regarding this issue: “What is Your Opinion of”


One response to “Back from a librarian vacation of sorts…

  1. Personally, I like it. (It’s down right now but it will soon be back up.) There are some th ings that have happened that will improve the site, including the acquisition of a preofessionally-trained editor.

    If you do not mind me responding to this thread, here are some problems with the site:

    -Inconsistent editing. (This is my fault, mostly. I don’t always have the time to take on these articles that I like. I also started the site with a content mill mind set.)

    -Site Design. I have never been happy with the site design. It’s the default Joomla template. I’ve tried to change it several times with little to no to success. The best option, and one that would require a large expenditure is paying for a professional redesign.

    — Variety of Opinion. One writer currently writes most of the content. This does not result in a diversity of opinion, it also makes the site take a Libertarian stance on some issues. (This isn’t bad. It’s just not in line with the extremely Democratic views of most asexuals on AVEN and Tumblr.)

    –Cash flow issues. This is not a problem with the site, so much as it is a problem with the inconsistency of pay of being a freelance writer. It also doesn’t help that ad revenues have been extremely low.

    I know some people don’t like ads, but given the young age of many aces, it’s important that the site be able to support itself. (I assume, despite Alexa statistics, that most of the site’s readers are in high school or college.)

    Basically, I can’t do it all alone, but I’ve had to for most of the site’s existence. Be sure to check out the Terre Haute Asexual Examiner column.

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