Asexuals tell their stories

More visibility for Laia Abril on CNN Photos! 🙂

CNN Photos

Photographer Laia Abril had long been shooting projects about gender and sexuality when she stumbled into a concept she’d never before heard of: asexuality – people who feel no sexual attraction to others.

“Nobody knows about asexuality,” said Abril, who is based in Barcelona, Spain. “I’ve been researching a lot; I had never heard of them before.”

Her own skepticism and lack of knowledge intrigued her, she said.

“Is this real? Are these people fine? Is there any problem?” she remembers thinking. “I like to face these prejudices.”

The 28-year-old began to look online for asexual people who would be willing to appear in photographs. She e-mailed “hundreds and hundreds” of people, she said, and found 11 willing to tell their stories and sit before her camera.

They ranged in age from 19 to 82. They lived in the United Kingdom, Italy, France, China and elsewhere. They identified themselves as…

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