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Asexuality at the WorldPride 2014 Toronto Recap

Saturday, June 28th, was the International Asexuality Conference at Toronto’s Ryerson University. It was a big hit! A lot of people turned out for it! AVEN has a photo and video thread as well as a thread for conference feedback. A simple search for “asexuality conference” on YouTube will bring up some of the discussions. I’m sure more will be posted as well, and I’ll try to post more information as I find it. reported that the conference hosted the “largest gathering of asexuals ever”!

About thirty or so of us went out the dinner after the conference. Ivy had to leave for an interview with Canadian TV (I posted the link below)! I have also added a few more of her many web residences, and if you’re interested in more asexual news, I would suggest keeping up with her @swankivy account! The Bibliophibian posted a review of Ivy’s book that will be released in September of this year: The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality. Ivy has also published articles around the Internet on asexuality and her websites will guide you to them and keep you up-to-date. For example, here’s one she recently got published on “‘Enjoy Your Houseful of Cats’: On Being an Asexual Woman”.

For the purposes of archiving, AVEN had a Facebook page and hashtag set up, and here are all the tweets tagged with #awp2014: And speaking of books, I would also like to include this free Smashwords ebook I recently discovered: What Do You Mean You’re Not Interested in Sex?: American Life and Law from an Asexual Perspective by Amanda C. Lee.

The WorldPride parade on Sunday was pretty amazing and a lot of fun to march in! I will have to post some photos on AVEN as soon as I have more time to sort them. It was a really great experience seeing so many people witness some real awesome asexual visibility! (Also, sorry it took me so long to get this post together; I’ve been swamped with work, school, housework, etc.)

Click here for the CTV News Video “Asexuality Conference held in Toronto,” featuring Julie Sondra Decker.


Proposed Idea for AVEN Website Re-design

Designed by the Asexual Librarian.

When I was compiling my blogroll here, I was able to take in how different asexual websites provide different media or a unique perspective. On this blog, the links are cataloged for the mere convenience of the reader, but I have also collected them for the purpose of research.

Part of library and information science is to not only know how to access information but also how understand its organization. Thus I am proposing a new design for the AVEN website.

AVEN currently states on its front page that it is in part “a large archive of resources on asexuality.” Therefore, why not make it a more centralized location for all of the ace material currently available on the Web? By that, I mean containing access to blogs, media, academic research, psychological studies, discussions, news, visibility, activism, wiki changes, forum posts, pride information, etc., many of which I found on various online sources.

It’s valuable to have the diversity and intellectual freedom that the internet provides us with, however, AVEN was intended to collect much of this and has not kept up with updating it. While that is a daunting task, it is a necessity for newcomers in the community, as well as for the professionals we are trying to establish a report with. AVEN has so many members, many of whom create new forum threads to try to find said asexuality information that has not been properly cataloged. I am proposing a home page design which can be set up by media or subject type.

First of all, this is merely a mockup, an example. I did not experiment with the fonts or any design beyond that of the basic placement of items around the page. It’s simply an idea, and nothing else. (So please do not focus on the lack of detail; it’s not the important part.)

I tried to organize information into a logic setup, including links on the home page that are not currently accessible from there. I expanded this menu on the left side of the page to show how I might organize (and add) various sub-pages of AVEN. I added a few more ideas even though I realize much of the text on AVEN has not been edited in a long while.

As for the home page content, under each heading, I used some filler text and inserted some examples of appropriate links that are already out there, such as including the latest post from The Asexual Sexologist under Research. These are just simple examples off the top of my head.

On the overall design level, I thought the asexual flag would help reinforce the importance of the asexual community via symbolism. I wanted to find something more updated and interactive, for asexuals and non-asexuals alike. And this is merely an example, so mind you, all the text is filler. We are able to place any news or information here that would benefit the community. There is much more we could do.

A Little More about Me

Although I don’t necessarily intend this blog to contain a lot of personal information (unless it’s relevant to the blog topic), I figured it would be a nice touch to add the human element and include some more brief information about myself. I currently work as a lowly library page and attend graduate school to acquire my master’s degree in library and information science. I have a specialized interest in archiving and preservation, and I plan to work somewhere in those areas. I have done and continue to do proofreading and other editorial and design work, both freelance and elsewhere. The field of library science is very close to my heart, not just because I’m a bookworm, but also because the American Library Association (ALA) has the founding principles of intellectual freedom, freedom of access to information, and serving the public equally. I believe strongly in human equality on all levels and fight for marriage equality, somewhat considering myself as part of the LGBT category. I would consider myself to be very open-minded about LGBT and other identity-related issues. I try to find the good in everyone and keep positive thoughts on my mind. When I have a bad experience, I try to take something positive from it. I volunteer when I can, in various places, serving several roles. I believe in performing one’s civil responsibilities by voting, serving jury duty, and giving back to the community via volunteering. I respect people who are constantly proactive (especially in reading/seeking information), as I think that way, we can all eventually change the world for the better.

Little Tidbits
My favorite foods are ramen noodles and cheese pizza. I love tea and I can’t function without coffee. Regardless of my asexuality, I have chosen not to have childen and I instead see my pet tortoise as akin my son. Watching my Detroit Red Wings (hockey) is the closest thing I can think of as “sexy,” with the exception of intelligent men (which is known as sapioromanticism). My favorite TV show is undoubtedly Futurama although you may find me running off with Sheldon Cooper someday. In my spare time, I do a lot of reading (big surprise, I know), studying up on classic literature and random etymology (the study of the origin of words). If I had more spare time, I would love to go hiking more and try kayaking, white-water rafting, and several other adventurous outdoor activities (including skydiving). I do occasionally run 5Ks (3.1 miles). I also love to travel but I hate the cost of gas. I live to learn; my greatest enemy in this world is ignorance.